Central Detroit Christian exists to empower people and create positive opportunities in the central Detroit Community. We do this through Education, Employment & Economic Development.

Housing Development

Repair. Rebuild. Restore. Developing a community starts with developing people, but we cannot neglect the physical needs, most importantly, the need for quality, affordable housing. Central Detroit Christian CDC is dedicated to meeting the housing needs of low income families and individuals by providing home repair assistance, rehabilitating vacant and abandoned homes and developing new homes. Central Detroit Christian CDC has been granted Community Housing Development Organization(CHDO) status by the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan, and is in the process of implementing its strategic plan. CDC works closely with our neighborhood block clubs to prioritize and complete beautification projects.

Contact: Lisa Johanon – 313-873-0064, x16, ljohanon@nulldetcdc.org


Peaches & Greens

Peaches & Greens offers fresh produce to Central Detroit.
Fresh produce and friendly staff.

Faith, Hope and Love Productions (aka The Gardens)

Faith, Hope and Love Productions (aka The Gardens) offers fresh produce for Peaches & Greens, local distributors, and local CSAs.
From our farm to your table.

RW Market

RW Market offers local artisans an opportunity to sell their products at a monthly market in a fun, secure environment.
Restoring community one market at a time.

Detroit reMade

Detroit reMade offers beautiful one-of-a-kind home furnishings from reclaimed material in Detroit.
We reimagine, recreate, and restore the forgotten and abandoned.

Fit & Fold

Fit & Fold offers convenient laundry service in a clean, comfortable environment that includes a mini gym.
Warm laundry. And warm welcomes.

Farm & Fishery

Farm & Fishery demonstrates how to turn fish waste into plant food while the plants clean the water going to the fish, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem. Will be open to the public in 2017.
Building mutually beneficial ecosystems.

Shadow of the Almighty Security

Shadow of the Almighty Security provides professional security for properties managed by Central Detroit Christian Community Development.
Always there. Always vigilant.

City Kids Soup

City Kids Soup is a packaged soup business ran by teen entrepreneurs due to launch in 2017!
Good food for a good cause!

Pathways of Promise

Pathways of Promise Early Learning Center provides learning opportunities for children 0 – 5.
Giving children early learning opportunities.

Solid Rock Property Management

Solid Rock Property Management manages properties for Central Detroit Christian CDC with care and attention to the tenants and the property.
Quality living at affordable prices.

Higher Ground

Higher Ground Landscaping

Sold to the Business Manager, Craig Grissom, December, 2014

Cafe Sonshine

Cafe Sonshine

Sold to Darryl and Janine Terrell December, 2014.