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CDC-StaffGreetings Brothers & Sisters

by Lisa Johanon

Writing a monthly prayer letter is not a new practice, but one that had fallen by the wayside as we grew and morphed into who we are today. We hope you will enjoy more frequent communication with CDC and hopefully it will give you more to pray for and a greater understanding of
who CDC is and what we do.

newsletter-sign-upOur first such letter is filled with great need as we launch into our summer programs with great gusto. We have already hosted 7 volunteer groups who have served faithfully and diligently in our gardens, at the warehouse, passing out flyers, doing demo work at the new headquarters, cleaning up our parks, and painting the homes of seniors, but this past week we launched our day camp and teen employment program too. So much to pray for: the safety of the children and the volunteers and the vehicles as they drive the streets and pick up each child; the strength and endurance of the staff; the new relationships with parents and kids who are new to our program; program execution and the clear presentation of the gospel; the ever important unity between staff and volunteers and summer staff and teen employees. Russell, our children’s director thought the first day went quite well, “We only had one kid get on the wrong bus!”

Besides day camp and teen employment, both huge programs, we are, of course, gutting the new global world headquarters (have filled 15 dumpsters so far), building out a laundromat called Fit & Fold, and creating exercise pods for people in the community to utilize in an effort to get physically fit in an affordable manner. Please pray that each of these endeavors bring God great glory and pray also that they serve the community well.

Domestic ViolWe are encountering an increased amount of domestic violence—children being used as punching bags, women being mistreated and maligned,and I even counseled a man who was being abused by his wife. Violence is a way of life in urban America, but it becomes so much more personal when you know the victims. It breeds distrust, high levels of doubt, suspicion and alienation. So many broken and wounded people. We pray for God’s compassion and mercy for the victims and even for those who perpetrate the violence. Please pray that God would equip us to deal with this rash of personal violence.”]Domestic Violence is on the Rise[/big_box]


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